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Coffee Time Extension for Sony Smart Watch

Now you can pay for your Starbucks goodies using your watch. This simple and very easy to setup extension will allow you just flash the scanner at Starbucks and pay using your watch.

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Coffee Time for Sony SmartWatch

Pay for your coffee with your watch. That's right! Not only can your watch tell time, it can now pay for your coffee. Just enter your Starbucks card number using your Smart Connect app on your phone and magically the barcode will appear on your watch. Now, instead of scanning your phone just scan your watch.

Coffee Time for I'm Watch

The killer app for your smartwatch is here. Now pay for your coffee with your I'm Watch. Just enter your Starbucks card number into the watch and your barcode will be created. After that, just open the app, flash your watch at the scanner and your coffee will be paid for. It goes withou saying that you must have a Starbucks card with a positive balance. Sorry this app won't get you coffee for free.

*This app will only be availabe in the I'm Watch market.

Lots More to Come

With the up coming onslaught of new smartwatches, we will be busy creating many creative and useful apps for them. Keep checking back to find out what new and exciting apps we have created for your wrist.

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